• Yoga or Pilates?
    The other day someone said to me ‘oh I can’t do yoga because I do pilates’ and it got me thinking is this what many people that practise pilates think or vice versa?  Although I’m a yoga teacher and have spent a great deal of time practising, reading and studying the history and philosophy of yoga, I still practise Pilates, can seeContinue reading “Yoga or Pilates?”
  • What is self care?
    In short, self care is anything you want it to be.  Sometimes, the difficulty is figuring out what works for you.  These days we are inundated with information about what is good for us….take a walk, gor for a run, have a bath.  The truth is, there are a lot of experts out there who can help you feel better (doctors, osteopaths,Continue reading “What is self care?”
  • I’m not flexible enough
    When I talk to people about yoga (which is quite a lot!), so many people say “I’m not very good at yoga” or “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”.  I can assure you I am not super flexible just because I have a regular practice – some days my body surprises me and others I feel like I’m scrunched up! I do,Continue reading “I’m not flexible enough”

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